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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we afford a Wedding Coordinator on our budget?

This is by far the most common question that engaged couples ask. And the simple answer is this: Regardless of the size of your budget, you can’t afford not to have a wedding coordinator! A good coordinator shouldn’t be viewed as a “luxury.” In fact, the smaller your budget, the more important it is to have a coordinator working on your behalf to make sure you know where every penny is being spent. As your certified wedding coordinator, it’s my #1 priority to make sure you have the beautiful wedding you want, without going over your budget -- no matter how large or small that budget is.

We want someone to guide us through the process, not someone to “take over” our wedding!

As your coordinator, I’ll never take over the planning of your wedding (unless you want me to, of course!) Instead, I’ll work with you and for you to create a personalized wedding that represents who you are as a couple. I’ll recommend the best vendors to meet your needs, saving you loads of research time. And I’ll keep you informed and organized every step of the way. You’ll be involved in every decision, and of course you’ll always have the final say...I’ll just make sure all the details get taken care of. I want you to have the fun of planning your wedding, without any of the stress! Along the way, I’ll provide you with lots of helpful tips, personalized checklists to help you stay on track, and progress reports to assure you that the planning is going smoothly.

Our reception venue has a coordinator — why do we need your services?

A venue coordinator is just that — someone who works for the venue. Their role is to handle aspects of your wedding that are specific to the venue. Your venue’s coordinator won’t be involved in any of your planning outside the scope of the reception. In fact, once you’ve signed a contract, you probably won’t have much contact with the venue coordinator until a month or two before your wedding. It’s also not unusual for coordinators to leave one venue to work at another one. In that case, you’ll be assigned a brand new coordinator who isn’t familiar with your wedding.

As your wedding coordinator, I have a vested interest in every aspect of your planning because I work for you! From keeping you within budget, to managing vendors, to providing comprehensive checklists, to developing detailed wedding timelines, and working with the venue coordinator the day-of, I’ll be here for you every step of the way!

We’ve already booked most of our vendors — can you help us with the rest of the planning?

Absolutely! If you’re like most couples who are planning a wedding, you’re probably busy with jobs and other time commitments. Or maybe you’ve just run out of wedding planning steam! Whatever the case, and wherever you are in the process, I am happy to jump in and worry about the details, so you don’t have to. I’ll begin by meeting with you to evaluate your progress to-date, then develop a comprehensive plan detailing what still needs to be done. From there, I’ll give every detail the special attention it deserves to ensure your Wedding Day is everything you dreamed of.

What areas do you serve?

Perfectly Coordinated is based out of Arlington, MA, located just north of Boston. Our service area includes Boston, North Shore, South Shore, Metrowest, and southern New Hampshire. Travel over 50 miles may require an additional mileage fee.